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I am 11, and I have been fascinated by plagues since I was little.  The misery, the devastation, the survival I read about in fiction books captivated my imagination.  As the reader, you always wonder-would I survive if I were in that imaginary world of a ravaging plague? As I got older I started learning about the realities of infectious diseases.  What causes them? What have we learned from science and history? After taking a wonderful course on the subject of Epidemiology from Penn State University, I had an idea.  As kids, we are told to wash our hands and to sneeze into our elbow, but we can do so much more. Understanding the importance of vaccination and staying one step ahead of the germs is key.  I am starting a blog where I will be sharing good scientific data and information on exciting opportunities for kids to get involved.  I would like The AM Program to be the platform for my generation to get active and participate in our future and the future of our world. It's never too early to start.  What I can contribute, is doing the 'homework' on my favorite subject - infectious diseases - and sharing it with you.  What can you do? 

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If you are a nerd like me, please submit your articles, research, ideas or school projects to me for a chance to be featured in The AM Project Blog.

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